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Miki Goto


Professional Experience

Born in Mie Prefecture, from Aichi Prefecture

After graduating from university, I worked in sales for three years.

Then to the nail technician

Multiple Store Manager

After working as a lecturer, he became independent in 2014.

Australian International Accreditation License

Nail art contest grand prize winner

After obtaining Color Shape® qualification

Unique "identity color scheme" trademarked

What comes out from within, not just at your fingertips

Entering the art world with a desire to express myself without being confined to conventions

Artist Statement

The moment you land on earth
With the heavy equipment of the body

I was able to leave the comforts of my life

I was able to experience a variety of things

The essence of it is

What is my role?

I came to the question, "What is my role?

The soul that was given to me has a will.

Dreams, challenges

and the things we want to do

are only part of what is on the surface

I am reminded

Because they can come true



What really matters beyond that

Is something that cannot be expressed in words.

that cannot be expressed in words.

I don't feel the meaning of things that can be easily put into words.

People are moved or moved by something

They are moved or moved by something they don't understand.


Because that's where they put their essence.


Even if it doesn't lead directly to an answer right now
If you keep asking and moving

you will realize that what you did at that time

I am sure that you will realize

Your role in society
Each Role

I want to continue to create a stir

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