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[Spatial design color art]

Create your own worldview with the background of "Zoom"

I want to express

Always feel good in your own space

I want to spend

I want to enjoy everyday life with art

For those people

Utilizing color expertise

It's a unique art

A texture that creates a three-dimensional effect

You can enjoy it,

We will deliver it to you as texture art

Space design color art examples


You can create a unique worldview with the background of Zoom.


Customer reviews

"I wanted a nice Zoom background that matched my own style, so I left it all to them and it became my own worldview, which made me really excited!"

Consultant K

"Every time I do Zoom with Miki, I want to make the background more personal. I really feel the power of color to change the atmosphere of a space."

Aroma Instructor S

"I've always wanted to have art in my daily life (laughs)!
I didn't know what I wanted, but they listened carefully to what I had to say and made a color and design that was just like me! I feel so happy every time I see it."

Beauty salon owner T

"When I'm surrounded by my favorite space, it makes me feel so comfortable... and it's also a soothing presence. When I saw Miki's background, I felt like I was in an art museum, so I wanted to ask for it ^^"

Owner W


Transform your space with color knowledge

Creator MIKI

We are also color experts.

Colours have different effects

Expressing your worldview

☑︎Create a space that gives you the emotions you want

☑︎ Creating a space that makes you feel good

The important place where you are every day

Where do you want to design?

We will listen carefully to what you are looking for.

Color art for designing spaces

We will deliver


Request process



First, please apply using the form


We will listen carefully to what kind of space you want to design and what kind of lifestyle you want to create.

Also, please let us know if you have a budget (this will vary depending on the number of pieces, size, etc.)


We will give you a quote based on the number of pieces and size that will fit the space you want to create.


If you agree with the contents, please make the payment.


We create with all our heart


We will deliver it to you by mail. If you have any questions about how to display it, please feel free to contact us!

Space Design Color Art

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